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Huge thank you

Posted 6/2/2022

I want to say a huge, enormous thank you to Dawn for her incredible support, professionalism, and guidance throughout my counselling sessions. I sought Dawn out after an extensive google search as I wanted specific help related to overcoming trauma in order to move forward in my life after narcissistic abuse. I had an initial phone call with Dawn to see if it would be suitable for us to work together and immediately after the call ended I knew I had made the right decision and chosen the perfect counsellor. Dawn has an extremely warm, caring manner, constantly providing empathy and praise. She was also able to understand exactly what I had gone through, making references to her own life experiences so I knew she was genuine and able to provide context for my feelings. Before I started counselling with Dawn I felt confused, frustrated and that my thoughts and feelings were irrational and that I was going crazy! Dawn helped me to feel reassured, completely at ease and supported me in making sense of what I was thinking and feeling. We worked together to discuss my experiences, provide reasoning for them and then Dawn gave me practical tools to help me to move forward. She supported me in re-framing my thoughts and once I started to put all of this into practice, I felt like a new person. Dawn has helped me to see that I am not crazy, I was just a victim in a horrible, abusive relationship. At the end of every session Dawn told me how well I was doing, helped me to see the progress I was making and said that she was proud of me. I cannot thank her enough. I now feel confident in myself and my relationship – in such a short space of time as well. I couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you so much Dawn.

Thank you for all the help you have given me. I now feel more equipped to deal with life.